You Focus On Customers, And We Deliver Actionable Insight 

Yanay is a service-first company helping small
businesses and organizations manage
their online presence and
customer feedback.

Take Actionable Steps Based on...

What Your Customers Are Saying

Listen And Engage

Data visualization, active listening, and engagement tools deliver a 360 degree view, allowing you to set baselines, identify highest value metrics, and set data-informed goals and objectives.

Responsive Design

Access your data any time, any place. No more waiting for reports to be run, or special software to be installed. All that’s necessary is a web browser and a screen.

Humans First. Always.

We are a service-first business focused on helping organizations understand where they are today, where they need to be tomorrow, and support their mission to get there. We always keep human beings front and center, and always will.

Simple. Actionable. Affordable

Create Professional Surveys

Unparalleled engagement via real-time feedback to improve your services, products or brand image.

Market Research

Keep track of your customers AND your competition without leaving the dashboard. We use advanced data aggregation algorithms to deliver the highest value insights.


Our freemium model allows everyone to see what’s being said, and engage directly with customers to gain powerful insights.


Terrence Delehanty

Chief of Police, Winthrop, MA

"Yanay helps the Winthrop Police Department to meet the 21st Century Policing Pillars. I highly recommend it!"

Josh Sherrick

Greensboro, NC Arts and Events Superintendent

"Yanay have offered my entire Arts & Events department a versatile and efficient tool. The dashboard is easy to work within and provides me with data at the touch of a finger. I couldn't be more pleased with the and superior customer service and support."

Stephen McCall

CEO, Beekmarks

"I see Yanay as being able to truly identify powerful like/dislike data that can be truly beneficial over time. The mix of direct and indirect sources is invaluable to small business."


  • Your Employees Don’t Trust You

    Your Employees Don’t Trust You

    Studies report that anywhere from 25% to 33% of employees do not trust their employer. The percentages are even worse when employees are asked if they trust their manager/boss.Read More

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